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Craft's Origin

It's important to remember your roots, and to stay true to your origins. This is why we want to do the same with Relict Craft. We want to reach our same goals to make a fun server with great features,and game modes. But this time, we want to have a better take at it, we want to deliver a better overall experience and quality.
Relict Craft was put together and taken under a new name that was previously Infinity Craft, so we're not really a new server, but we're a server that is maturing into a better one, we take our most dedicated players in our tiny community with us to this new and exciting server that we hope will breathe new life to what was previously known as Infinty Craft. We want to keep that memory so that it will not be lost, and so that we can remember that we started with a lot of premade tools that were created by Infinity Staff, and were kind enough to introduce them into our newly merged network. Thank you!